Вы хотите начать обсуждение важного вопроса в вашем районе, городе, области, стране или группе? Тогда начните новую тему. Граждане (Локации) или члены (Группы) имеют два варианта, чтобы ответить по вашей теме:

Why start an idea on OpinionFirst?

Every registered voter can start an idea for their own neighborhood, place, province, state, country, or for every group that was joined. 

OpinionFirst helps you to get your idea distributed in your community. Once your idea is published you have all the tools available to promote your idea!

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OpinionFirst is a worldwide platform. Consequently, it is important to inform the right people about your idea. Who should read your idea? Which citizens, employees or members does it concern? OpinionFirst gives you a 'place' or 'group' suggestion, which you can change if needed.

Now that is clear who should receive your idea, let's create it:

 What is the topic? 

What is your idea about? Select an existing OpinionFirst topic or start a new topic if that is not possible.

 Share an idea

Express your idea in a clear, complete, and concise way in order to attract the maximum number of readers. Make sure you have read all the existing ideas on a topic before adding an idea. This helps to prevent duplicates.

Your title

We recommend a catchy, not too long title. Your title is never against something! It should state what your idea is about. 

Your idea text

Start your idea by giving a brief summary. With this text you attract response. It appears in invitations by e-mail, in idea listings, and in other places, so use the most important keywords. 

Subsequently, you can give background information, evidence, arguments, references, and advantages of what you propose.

 Promote your idea

You immediately can start promoting your idea with a click on the blue button.

Standards for ideas

Our moderators maintain the quality of OpinionFirst. They are warned if something isn't decent and or does not comply with the 'Rights and Responsibilities' or our standards. They may decide to remove any contribution if it's:

  • not aimed at providing a constructive contribution
  • previously stated, so check if your contribution already exists for that place, group, or topic
  • not appropriate or not complying with the law
  • not clear what your contribution is about
  • about personal issues
  • party political
  • confidential, libelous, false, racist, offensive or defamatory
  • contains language that may offend, or is provocative or extreme in its views deceptive or misleading
  • advertising or spam
  • nonsensical, not serious
  • breaking the local law or violates intellectual property rights
  • potentially confidential, commercially sensitive or might cause someone distress or financial loss
  • naming people (except for senior politicians or management)
  • not using your real name and picture
  • not concerning, or focused on the topic and your own contribution, but is responding to other contributions

You can help us meet OpinionFirst's standards by immediately reporting any abuse under 'About' which can always be found with every contribution.

Idea procedures

Editing an idea

An idea can be edited until a 'like' or 'dislike' has been given for that idea.

Removing an idea

An idea can be removed until a 'like' or 'dislike' has been given for that idea.

Inappropriate ideas

Registered voters can warn our moderators if an idea is not appropriate or does not comply with the 'Rights and Responsibilities'.

Promoting ideass

Once you publish your idea, you can immediately start promoting it with a click on the share icon. You have many possibilities to promote your contribution!