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OpinionFirst is the central platform for modern worldwide democracy and democratic decision-making. Online, everywhere and at any time you can take decisions together about everything! Your vote gives you influence. OpinionFirst is an initiative of the DemocracyFirst Foundation.

OpinionFirst helps citizens, employees, and members involve communities, and facilitates the decision-making process! Use OpinionFirst to support proposals affecting you in your neighborhood, hometown, province, country and your groups/teams. Policymakers will listen, it is decision-making as it is supposed to be. OpinionFirst is the starting point of your opinion

Is OpinionFirst something for me?


  • Stay in contact on what is happening. You are informed of your neighborhood, hometown, country, and groups that you are a member of.
  • Vote on proposals affecting you. You decide together in your places and groups.
  • Share your views and expertise. You contribute to form other people's opinions on issues.
  • Support people you appreciate. You can directly support a proposal from a politician, policymaker, expert, leader, journalist, or friend.
  • Get support from others quickly. You use the viral power of a good proposal or petition to create a better situation or resolve urgent matters.
  • Ask people to participate in decisions. You directly invite your community or group to participate with their vision, experience, and knowledge to make the best decisions.
  • Optimize organizations, products, and services. Benefit from everyone's ideas and suggestions to improve organizations, products, and services.
  • Promote good proposals. You can immediately invite your network to support good proposals.
  • Complaining is not necessary. You directly indicate what your preferred solutions are.
  • Reduce your meeting time. You can make your meetings up to 80% more effective.
  • Be democratic. Join and work together to take a step forward in your community or group/team you are a member of.
  • ... and much more. 

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It does not matter where you live or who you are, you are affected personally by decisions that are taken every day everywhere. Some decisions can be of great importance to you and can have a considerable impact on your daily life.

OpinionFirst democratizes. Everywhere!

OpinionFirst is based on equality everywhere about everything:

  • You vote quickly, easily, and anonymously on any proposal in your neighborhood, hometown, province, country, continent, the world, and groups that are a member of.
  • You vote exactly on those topics that concern you the most!
  • You vote any time you like and are always able to change your vote.
  • You can add your own proposals as an opinion leader or motivate others to vote for your favorite proposal with your voting advice.

What are the OpinionFirst benefits?

Your opinion really counts

Do you have an opinion, but you do not always have the opportunity or the time to make that opinion known? On OpinionFirst, you can at any time instantly express what you are thinking. With a simple mouse click or tap on your screen! You vote directly on proposals that have been raised and thereby inform policymakers, managers, and boards immediately on what you want to see happen. This way you always have a direct influence because you are effectively involved in decisions that concern you! When and why use OpinionFirst?

The total number of votes for a proposal is actually an ongoing petition. Thus the voting result of all proposals about a topic represents a transparent referendum making it clear to the authorities and managers which proposals are preferred and why. Why vote on OpinionFirst?

Share your proposal or vision

OpinionFirst strives to capture every proposal or vision on every topic. Therefore, experts, politicians, managers, policymakers, and concerned employees, members, or citizens are explicitly invited to make their proposals or views known. In this way, everyone involved is permanently kept informed on what is happening and via OpinionFirst they are themselves able to make their right choices. Why has OpinionFirst been created?


Vote on proposals

Give your favorite proposal the best chance to win! Vote on the proposal and promote it in your network!


Select a topic

Select a topic about which you have an opinion.


Vote for your favorite proposal

Vote for the proposal and the opinion leader of your choice.


Get support for your proposal

Promote your favorite proposal in your own network and thus help it to win!

Add your proposal

Do you have a better proposal yourself? Then share it on OpinionFirst!


Give your proposal

Place your proposal, plan, initiative or solution on OpinionFirst.


Spread your proposal

Distribute your proposal via the media, email and social media.


Promote your proposal

Persuade others to vote for your proposal and make sure that your proposal gets the attention it deserves.

View what people worldwide are voting on!

Zoom in or out on the map and click on the tabs and markers to see what concerns other people!

Help us translate OpinionFirst to other languages! Read how you can support, join and promote OpinionFirst in your own country.

OpinionFirst registers the voice of the people

In An United States of, by, and for the people your votes are important!

OpinionFirst provides you with all the capabilities to express your own proposals, ideas and solutions.

  • Do you sometimes struggle to choose the right political party during elections?
  • Do you think the government, state and local council are not really in touch with you?
  • Do you wish that your vote had more influence and that politicians would listen better to issues that concern you?
  • Do you think that better options are available for decisions in your company, club or association?

If the answer to one of these questions is yes, then vote regularly on important topics. More


Silence is no longer an option, so read more about OpinionFirst or make a choice from topics that interest you: