The foundation DemocracyFirst was born out of an ideal. We are a small and inspired team working free of charge. We have personally invested our savings in OpinionFirst and other projects but with the current available funds we will not be able to realize all of the Foundation's plans to facilitate and promote democracy. We depend on your active support and any support you can provide is more than welcome. The more financial resources we have available, the faster and better we can achieve our ideals.

One-time donation

If you use OpinionFirst or support our democratic initiatives, then please help us to achieve this shared goal. Your donation makes a world of difference. Give us wings. Any amount is welcome!



You also could transfer your donation to:

Rabobank account no. 1066.70.824

Att: Foundation DemocracryFirst, Castricum, Netherlands

Monthly contribution

We would be grateful if you would contribute monthly to provide us with more stability and continuity. Your contribution, however small, is more than welcome. If you would like to set up an automatic monthly contribution to help us realize your and our ideals, then please click on the 'Contribute' button or instruct your bank accordingly:  



You can stop your monthly contribution via your Paypal account.

Voorbeeld tekst: Wij zijn er van overtuigd dat democratische principes zeer goed zijn voor onze organisatie. OpinionFirst biedt het platform om dit mogelijk te maken.
Modern democracy can make our world a better place. Therefor I support Opinionfirst.
Het is ongelooflijk in deze moderne tijd, dat we eigenlijk nauwelijks iets te zeggen of te kiezen hebben als het gaat om zaken die ons dagelijks aangaan.
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