Freedom of choice! Vote for what is important to you whenever you want! OpinionFirst is always immediately available.

As a registered voter you can change or remove your vote at any time. OpinionFirst gives you the opportunity to vote on proposals or to add a new proposal yourself. You can easily vote for any proposal:

  1. In the topics overview select a topic with the 'Vote on this topic!' button.

  2. Read the proposals for that topic.

  3. Vote for the proposal of your choice with the 'Vote for my proposal!' button.

If you can't find your preferred proposal, then you can disagree with the 'I disagree with these proposals' button.

My Votes

Under the personal button 'My OpinionFirst' you can select 'My Votes'. Under 'My Votes' you will see an overview of the proposals for which you have voted. With this overview you are able to view and manage the proposals you voted for.

Visitor or voter?

Your votes on proposals are always anonymous and only visible to you. You have two options on OpinionFirst:


As a visitor (you are not registered or logged in) your votes have limited impact. You can support proposals with the 'Support my proposal!' buttons. OpinionFirst uses Captcha to prevent misuse and multiple voting on the same proposal by non-registered visitors.

Use the quick registration to immediately increase the impact and importance of your votes. Once you are registered the 'Support my proposal!' buttons will change to 'Vote for my proposal!' buttons in your neighborhood, hometown, province, country and region as well as the groups for which you are a member! 


As a registered voter your votes have full impact, just as in any democracy. You can vote on proposals with the 'Vote for my proposal!' buttons in your own neighborhood, hometown, province, country and region as well as groups for which you have a membership. Outside these places and groups you can support proposals with the 'Support my proposal!' buttons.

Your votes will be stored in your profile. 

Voting results

In a modern direct democracy elections are not based on parties, but on topics. So decisions about any topic are a direct result of your votes on proposals and opinion leaders. Democratic managed companies, clubs, associations and other type of organizations or groups also value the contribution and choices of everyone involved in order to be able to take 'well thought' decisions. For both environments OpinionFirst is available. 

Click on any topic and you can find different options for that topic:


Gives you an overview of proposals, plans, ideas, petitions, solutions, motions and initiatives. You can vote on your preferred proposal and opinion leader, or disagree with all proposals.


With a 360° persons give their views on matters that are important to them. So 360°'s gives you an overview of advice, visions, ideas and recommendations on a topic as well on what proposals are recommended. 

Opinion leaders

Clicking on 'Opinion leaders' gives you an overview of opinion leaders that could represent you on that topic.


Clicking on 'Results' gives you an overview of the voting results on that topic:

Voting results

You immediately start with an overview of the percentage of votes which were given to each proposal by registered voters. Also the total number of votes for each proposal is visible.

In this overview you can see which selected opinion leaders will represent you for which proposal. Hovering shows the proposal title with the representatives which have received most votes. During debates and conversations, these representatives will develop the best possible solution directly representing the majority of the voters on their proposals.

By clicking on the percentage you will see additional details about the opinion leaders that represent these proposals.


In this 'Results' graph you will see how many votes are given to each proposal. This is important information, because it tells you how far one proposal is behind or in front of another proposal in popularity.


In the 'Activity' graph you see in one view how the different proposals develop in time and how they compare to each other. You are easily able to compare proposals over minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.


Click on 'Maps' you will (geographically) see where people have voted. You are able to zoom in and out on the map. For privacy reasons we only allow a view of the results in a place or neighborhood (and not private addresses). At the upper right of the map you are able to click on tabs to see different type of votes. 

By clicking on 'Sort' you can choose various options to display and filter proposals. By default the proposals are sorted in the order in which they had the last activity, but you can adjust the sorting options.

Polls and statements

Anyone is able to vote on polls and statements. There are no restrictions and no distinctions between visitors and registered voters. 


Choose any place in the world and vote or give your support!

On OpinionFirst the voting results of the proposals and results of polls and statements are always immediately available!