OpinionFirst can be perfect for you!

Let us look at some examples that can inspire you:  

①  Parent

Imagine you live in Freetown, Sierra Leone and your kids are at school. The new school year is starting soon. You have no idea how, but you want to improve their classroom. What can you do to achieve your aim? 

Start a topic to invite other parents to share their opinion.

Use a topic to invite the school board, teachers, students, parents... and others to think about this issue. Everyone invited can participate and add their 360° contributions and proposals on how to improve your kid's classroom. They can immediately vote on proposals, including your own, so decisions can be quickly taken.

  1. Select your school under 'Group'. If your school is not available, then create it.

  2. Start your topic 'Classroom' using the extra options.

  3. Send everyone your invitation, and ask them to forward your invitation.

②  Policy maker

Imagine you work for Liverpool council, England and you are managing infrastructure. You have ideas to revitalize a neighborhood and want to include its inhabitants in the decision-making. How can you effectively engage them from the start? 

Start a topic to invite the neighborhood to share their opinion.

Use a topic, so that all inhabitants can share their proposals and views on how they see the revitalization of their own neighborhood. Based on their response on polls and statements, and their vote on their favorite proposals, you can conclude how they see their ideal neighborhood.

  1. Select under 'Place' the neighborhood.

  2. Start your topic 'Revitalization' using the extra options.

  3. Add any views or proposals you wish to share yourself and send the citizens your invitation.

③  Radio listener or TV viewer

Imagine you are driving to Chelyabinsk, Russia while listening to your favorite radio station. You hear a woman proposing a new approach on how to handle alcoholism in your town with which you strongly agree with. How can you immediately support this woman? 

Use the PeopleFinder to find a politician, policy maker, expert, leader, celebrity, journalist or friend. 

Use the PeopleFinder to quickly find her on your mobile device or on your computer at home. Next you check out the details of her proposal and you give her with your vote the necessary influence to implement this new approach. The promotion tools allow you to easily invite your entire network to vote as well. 

  1. Select 'Find person' on the 'OF Live' main page or type PeopleFinder in Google.
  2. Type her name. Couldn't find her? Then send her an invitation.
  3. Vote on her proposal and optionally promote her or her proposal in your network.

④  Citizen

Imagine you live in Peking, China and have asthma. Your interest to reduce air pollution is even higher than that of other citizens. You suffer every day. How can you help change the air quality? 

Use OpinionFirst to vote on all your preferred proposals. 

Use OpinionFirst to vote on all proposals that stimulate clean air in Peking and China. With your vote you give influence to clean air initiatives. For every proposal you can become an ambassador to publicly show your support. With your active media promotion, you stimulate other people to support the clean air cause as well. The more followers and voters, the more likely things will change fast.

  1. Register and select under 'Place' Peking.
  2. Select relevant topics in your neighborhood, Peking and China, and vote for proposals.
  3. Become an ambassador and stimulate other citizens to vote and follow your example!

⑤  Club member

Imagine you are a passionate member of a soccer club in Córdoba, Argentina and you are frustrated. The influential chairman pushes the board to invest the entire club's budget in an artificial field for the first team. Your idea is to use only half of the available budget and to invest that in the youth training facilities. How can you change this situation and help the youth? 

Use OpinionFirst to get support from your fellow club members.

Place your proposal and ask them to vote. Based on their votes, you will gather more influence. A final decision will be supported by most of the club members.

  1. Select your club under 'Group'. If your club is not available, then create it.
  2. Start the topic and add your proposal.
  3. Ask the club members to vote for you and your proposal.

⑥ Gamer

Imagine you play Minecraft with gamers from all around the world. You have superb suggestions and solutions on how to make the game even more exciting and challenging. What can you do to improve your favorite game? 

Use OpinionFirst to create a community to optimize the game

Use OpinionFirst to discuss with other gamers on how the game could be improved. All gamers can participate and comment on your proposals and views with their opinions. Together you reach consensus on what functionality the game producer preferably should implement next. You bet they will listen to their customers!

  1. Select under 'Group' the game. The game producer was smart and already added a community on the game!
  2. Share your views and proposals, and comment on contributions of other gamers.
  3. Inform other gamers to also share their opinions on how to improve the game. More votes, more chance to have the upgrades you love.

⑦ Volunteer

Imagine you work as a volunteer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to protect children against malaria. You know money is absolutely great and can realize miracles, but you 'feel' that even more is necessary. Children should not die from malaria and if all people and governments would say 'Stop, no more' it will be stopped, simply because we all want it to happen. How can you effectively engage everyone in the World? 

Use OpinionFirst to invite the World to vote for your 'Stop malaria' proposal.

Everyone can vote for your proposal, you gain traction and even more power will be released. 

  1. Select under 'Place' the World.
  2. Insert your topic and 'Stop malaria' proposal.
  3. Become opinion leader and stimulate every World citizen to vote on your proposal!

⑧ Activist

Imagine you are a Belgian citizen and you are frustrated that many people in your country eat meat. According to you, people don't realize enough what kind of sad life many animals have, what impact eating too much meat has on the environment and how good a meal without meat could taste. You are realistic enough to know that all will not be changed at once. But what can you do to educate people and stimulate change? 

Use OpinionFirst to post your 360° contributions on topics covering this issue.

You recommend Belgians to vote on proposals that stimulate lowering the consumption of meat, while stimulating animal welfare. A great cause! 

  1. Select relevant topics in Belgium and post your valuable contributions.
  2. If a topic is not available yet, you can start a new topic and then add your 360°.
  3. Recommend proposals, become their ambassador and stimulate other citizens to vote and follow your example!

⑨  Parliament member

Imagine you work for the government and you are frustrated by long inefficient and too political meetings. Still you want to achieve good things for your country. You know that it is possible to cut your meeting time at least in half, while drastically increasing the efficiency and democratic decision-making at the same time. But how should that be done? 

Use OpinionFirst to organize your next meetings effective and democratic.

Publish the topics for the next meeting 3 weeks in advance and then add your or your party's proposals to these topics. Next you invite the other parliament members to vote on your proposals. If they consider having a better proposal, invite them to post their proposals as well. Supporting documents can be added as 360°'s to the topics. Now every parliament member has a clear visibility on all proposals and supporting documents up front.

Every parliament member can immediately respond and vote on their preferred proposals at any time. Proposals with majorities will become clearly visible before the meeting. Decisions can be taken quickly and easily during the meeting while taking all proposals and contributions into account. Time invested up front saves meeting time and contributes to democratic decision making.  

  1. Create under 'Group' a closed or secret group for your parliament and invite your colleagues to register and join the group.
  2. Post the topics for the next meeting, add your proposals and contributions. Ask all the parliament members to do the same.
  3. Respond, vote and have a very efficient next meeting.

⑩  Chairman

Imagine you start as FIFA chairman and have the ambition to democratize the organization. Making FIFA transparent and a true representation of all people that are enthusiastic for soccer is your goal. Everyone knows that you have some history to overcome and that it sure will take courage and modern leadership. How to change to a state-of-the-art association based on transparent and democratic decision-making? 

Use OpinionFirst to create multiple platforms where employees, members and supporters can have their say.

Suddenly involving the communities is not considered to be a burden, but as an opportunity for improvement! FIFA will make the most use of every individual’s views, skills and expertise to contribute! They will make sure to reach concrete decisions on the basis of open dialogue without endless FIFA-gates, debates and discussions. FIFA will become an organization everyone loving soccer will be proud off.

  1. Select under 'Group' FIFA. If extra communities are required, then simply add new group platforms.
  2. Insert relevant topics and ask people to participate. Alternatively publish your own proposals.
  3. FIFA will become an organization with high values, based on democratic transparency and decisions. 

⑪  Consumer

Imagine you want to benefit from your pension for which you worked hard for so many years saving money every week. You notice that the results of your pension funds are disappointing, but that salaries and bonuses of the top management sky-rocket. You are rightfully angry. What can you do, how can you stand up!? 

Use OpinionFirst to inform other people and change the situation.

Involve and inform other people from this pension fund. Make a proposal that the top management should not earn more than an X amount, bonuses included. Get power and influence by having everyone vote on your proposal. Make a change, you now have the power!

  1. Select under 'Group' the name of the Pension fund. Create it if it is not yet available.
  2. Start the topic and add your proposal.
  3. Stimulate other people to vote and follow your example! You make a change, decreasing your rightful frustration.

⑫  Manager

Imagine you manage an international section of Shell. Oil prices are under pressure and your plan is to increase results and efficiency with your team of 3.000 employees. You are a modern leader and see involving them not as a burden, but as an opportunity for improvement and creating support for the necessary changes! How can you effectively engage them from the start? 

Use OpinionFirst to invite your co-workers to participate in your ambition.

All 3.000 can contribute with their experience, knowledge and views on how things could be improved. Others can contribute again on their contributions and everyone can vote on those proposals that will save most costs, increase efficiency and make your section stand-out.

  1. Select under 'Group' your Shell section, or create it.
  2. Start several topics and publish proposals that are being 'considered'.
  3. Let everyone participate and give them the opportunity to come up with their own views and proposals! Choose the best and implement them.

⑬  Journalist

Imagine you write for a newspaper in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Your next article is about increasing traffic jams due to a railway crossing. The economy is booming and more trains are passing this crossing, so traffic has to wait longer. What do the inhabitants think? What is their preferred solution? 

Use OpinionFirst to help with your article.

Start a topic on this railway crossing and post your polls and statements and ask the inhabitants what their preferences are. A bridge, a tunnel or any alternative solution? With their replies, views, solutions... you can enhance your article and give real news. Naturally, once your article is published you can publish your article as a 360° on OpinionFirst together with a reference to your newspaper. Nice publicity. Based on all outcomes, you could publish another article a few weeks later.

  1. Select under 'Place' the town Ho Chi Minh
  2. Start the 'Railway crossing' topic and post your polls and statements
  3. Invite the inhabitants to respond and publish your findings.

⑭  Works council member

Imagine you are a member of the works council of Dassault Systèmes, France, a large worldwide renowned 3D experience company. The members have some concerns on inefficient decision making and on creating a negotiation culture. Another concern is on how to interact with international local works group members. How can the employees be effectively represented and the management valuably supported.

Use OpinionFirst for effective international decision-making.

OpinionFirst can be used to create an open cooperative atmosphere, based on trust. The role of the works council is to effectively channel the feedback and enable empowerment of employees as well as help management more effectively collaborate with the employee community. OpinionFirst can be used to create equality among all employees. Get it always right, use OpinionFirst.

  1. Create a closed or secret 'Group' Dassault Systèmes.
  2. Publish the relevant works council topics and add current proposals that are being 'considered'.
  3. Let everyone participate and come with their views and proposals! Choose the best and most supported, and propose these to the management.

⑮  Student

Imagine you are a student at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. You have some questions and refreshing ideas about solving several issues and problems you experience. How can you quickly involve your fellow students and invite them to think about solutions? And how can you test whether other students think like you about the proposals you have?

Use OpinionFirst to test your plans and get support.

OpinionFirst can be used to present your plans quickly and effectively to your fellow students. They can respond positively and give their support, or come up with alternative plans. It soon becomes clear what is desired and supported by the participation of many of your fellow students. During a meeting the most supported solution can then be formulated and implemented. No slow laborious decision-making process, but quick, modern and efficient decisions can be taken.

  1. Create an open or closed 'Group' University Utrecht.
  2. Place relevant topics and proposals that are currently being 'considered'.
  3. Let everyone participate and come with their views and proposals! Choose the best and most supported, and propose these to the school board.

⑯  You

Imagine you ...

Start today with issues that matter to you in your community, your job, your club or any other group. OpinionFirst is for you, no matter where you are or what you do!


The examples above are just some random examples of how the OpinionFirst platform can be used by you.