OpinionFirst is developed by the foundation DemocracyFirst as a platform on which many applications and services could be developed. 

DemocracyFirst Services

DemocracyFirst provides many services in order to generate income that can be invested in the further development and improvement of OpinionFirst, One $/each day and other activities to promote democracy.

What services could you think off?

Using the OpinionFirst platform (or engine) as a starting point we are able to quickly develop new applications that your organization or institute could use for specific developments. Some possibilities include online certification exams, consumer surveys, policy polling, among many others.

Contact us to let us know how we may be of service to you.


Our intention is to avoid or limit advertising on OpinionFirst. It is however not clear if this will be achievable and how our advertisement policy will be shaped. You can already help us avoid advertisement and become member of the DemocracyFirst marketing panel. It's free of charge.

If you are interested in advertising on OpinionFirst, then do email and inform us. We will keep you updated about the possibilities.

Mobile services

We can give you alerts on your mobile phone. 

How does it work?

At OpinionFirst there is always a lot going on. People are constantly creating new topics, publishing new proposals and voting on issues that matter to them.  Some issues might be extremely important to you and our mobile services allow you to specify when you would like us to send relevant updates to your device.


DemocracyFirst is very interested in integrating with other software developments. We are also interested in participating, interacting or being involved in any project that could be advantageous for democracy.

What partnerships could you think of?

We already have many ideas for further developments and these developments could be based on web based solutions from other suppliers or on any other initiatives. Possibilities include:

  • Crowd Sourcing applications
  • Representation applications (Graphs, Maps, …)
  • Procurement application
  • Newspaper creation applications
  • Survey applications
  • Report creations applications 
  • ...

Are you interested in starting new initiatives with DemocracyFirst? We are interested in mutually beneficial partnerships. Mail us.