When visiting OpinionFirst for the very first time, you will see the major topics in your country. At the upper left corner of the OpinionFirst website you see 'Life', 'Places' and 'Groups'. Just underneath, indicated in bold is the place or group in which you are situated.

If you are not yet registered or logged in, then OpinionFirst might not immediately display the places or groups you would like to see. Either register or use 'Search for your hometown' or 'Change places...' to insert the name of your home town. You will then see the topics in your home town. By selecting other places or groups you will see topics in other places or groups.


At startup you are immediately able to register yourself. Click on 'Register' in the upper-right of your screen and insert your name, date of birth, gender, place and email address. Click on 'Register' and you are a registered voter. You can vote on proposals and review your votes later. OpinionFirst automatically creates a personal button for you at the upper-right corner of your screen. 

If you haven't done so yet then it is important to register yourself, since this will immediately increase the influence and importance of your votes.


You can always return to your home page by clicking on the OpinionFirst logo in the upper-left corner of your screen. 

Extensive search

You will find a search field in the upper-right corner where you can easily search the entire OpinionFirst website. Your search results will provide you with an overview of items that match your search criteria and the option to further refine your search.


With the 'Find' search box you are able to quickly search in the relevant overview.


By clicking on 'Change place...' or 'Change group...' at the right of the your preferred places or groups, you can immediately search for another place or group. 


On the left Sidebar you find the categories that help you to quickly find topics that interest you. By clicking on a category, you will see the topics in this category.

Personal button

After you register, OpinionFirst automatically creates a button with your name in the right-upper corner. This is your personal button with which you can find all the information about your registration. When you click on the personal button and select 'My profile' you will see several tab pages. We encourage you to take a small moment to verify and complete your profile. You can also log out.


Click here to read more about the major buttons that are used on OpinionFirst.