Why would I use OpinionFirst?

You use OpinionFirst to give your opinion a voice. So, with OpinionFirst you have a voice on every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) ànd you inform every policymaker on exactly what you want to see happen! Together with other like-minded, you have influence, together you can change things. We recommend you to always start with OpinionFirst if you want to give your opinion a voice.

You have many reasons to choose OpinionFirst! Read why OpinionFirst is the right choice for you:

 Is for you

Are you happy, angry, pleased, sad or disappointed about what you read in the newspaper, hear on the radio, see on TV or encounter at your club? How should the United States or your association, club or business look like according to you? What is your vision? Go directly to OpinionFirst, give your vote and immediately indicate your favorite solution!

 Is always immediately available

With OpinionFirst, you can at any time instantly express what you are thinking. With a simple mouse click or tap on your screen! You vote directly on your favorite proposals and thereby inform policymakers immediately on what you want to see happen. You vote when you want and you can change your vote at any time.

③  Gives your opinion influence!

When you regularly vote on OpinionFirst you help policymakers, politicians, managers, and chairmen understand what you actually want to see happen. It does not leave you passive but instead, you are involved and have influence by giving your votes and providing relevant information with your advice, vision, and ideas.

④  Is easy

You vote quickly and easily on any proposal in your neighborhood, hometown, province, country, continent, the world or your association, club or business. You vote exactly on those topics that concern you the most!

⑤  Gives room to your proposals

As an expert, politician, policymaker or concerned citizen, you can make your proposals and visions directly known to all residents of your neighborhood, town or country. As an expert, manager, policy maker or concerned employee or member, you can make your proposals and visions directly known to all members of the group. They can react immediately and support you with their approval. As an opinion leader, you can promote your proposal to achieve even more support.

⑥  Is not a solo operation

Anyone that would like to publicly support a good proposal can become an ambassador. Thanks to the support of ambassadors, a proposal will get more publicity, which will provide more votes for this proposal.

Supporters, colleagues, party members or others can decide to become opinion leader for the same proposal. This gives a proposal more weight thanks to the support of more opinion leaders actively promoting the proposal.

⑦  Is democratic

The population of the United States may at any time give direct support to each proposal. Politicians and policymakers will know which proposals receive the support of the population. In a similar way, members can give their direct support to proposals in their company, club, association or any other type of group.

⑧  Is social

At any time, proposals and opinion leaders can be promoted by you and other voters via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. So you can very quickly get broad support for your proposal, advice or vision.

⑨  Is versatile

As a politician, expert, manager, chairman, concerned collaborator or citizen you can quickly test the preferences of the population of the United States or your group. You place a poll or statement on a topic and will quickly see the result.

⑩  Is 360° complete

Voters can give background information or write articles and columns to support proposals. In a 360°, you can also bring your advice, vision, ideas, arguments, and recommendations to the attention of the citizens of your neighborhood, town or country. In a similar way can 360°'s be immediately brought to the attention of group members.

⑪  Is crystal clear

The inhabitants of the United States, as well as group members, see per topic which opinion leader has what proposal and the results of the proposals. The results are always directly visible online so you always have a clear picture of what is playing among the people and members.

⑫  Can be used anywhere

OpinionFirst can immediately be deployed in your neighborhood, city, state, country, continent and even the world. Proposals can be shared directly digitally or indirectly through forms, for approval to the population in any possible country in any possible language. OpinionFirst makes - for the first time in history - world democracy directly available to all world citizens. OpinionFirst can also immediately be used for every imaginable group of people.

⑬  Represents freedom, prosperity, and happiness

A democratic society leads to freedom with more prosperity and happiness. We make every effort to promote democracy worldwide to improve the quality of the lives of millions of people. A democratic society ultimately always means fewer wars, less famine, better functioning social services, and more prosperity. Organizations, clubs, associations and other groups that operate on democratic principles can count on more involvement and support from its members.

⑭  Keeps you updated and registers your voice

With OpinionFirst you are permanently kept informed on what is happening so that you can make the right choices. At any time you can instantly express what you are thinking. You vote directly on your favorite proposals and thereby inform policymakers immediately on what you want to see happen. They can make the right decisions.

⑮  Is different!

OpinionFirst is different because it involves topics that have your direct concern. Furthermore, you can specify exactly what your favorite proposal or what your opinion is, instead of having to choose between three fixed predefined options.


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