OpinionFirst guide

We recommend you to read this quick reference guide and follow some exercises to understand the depth of OpinionFirst:


Home Page

You can always return to your home page by clicking on the OpinionFirst logo in the upper-left corner of your screen.

Extensive search

You will find a search field in the upper-right corner where you can easily search the entire OpinionFirst website. Your search results will provide you with an overview of items that match your search criteria and the option to further filter your search.


With this quick search box, you are able to quickly search in the relevant overview.

Preferred places and groups

At the registration process, OpinionFirst automatically creates preferred places "World - Continent - Country - Province - Place" for you. With these places, you are able to quickly navigate.

You can become a member of groups that are important to you. These preferred groups are also created at the top of your webpage.

Change place / Change group

Just behind your registered places, you will find 'Change place' to quickly search for any other place in the world. For groups, you will find 'Change group' to search for any other group.


On the left sidebar, you find the categories that help you to quickly find topics that interest you. By clicking on a category, you will see the topics in this category.


At the bottom of your webpage, you will find keywords with an explanation about the website.


Popular topics

You find the most popular topics in your town, country, region or groups on the front page of OpinionFirst. Use the navigation options to change your place or group. Use the categories on the left sidebar to find your precise interest. On the front page, you can click on any of the topics and immediately vote for your favorite proposal.

Add topics

You can start a new topic. Make sure you have read all the existing topics before starting a new topic. This prevents duplicate or largely overlapping topics. We recommend that you use a very short 'neutral' title for your topic. A short title will increase the number of proposals and votes and will make your topic more popular.


Select a place or group -> Click on any topic  -> Read the proposals -> Vote on your favorite proposal.


Proposals and opinion leaders

You will find one or more proposals when you click on any topic. Proposals are always related to a topic. You can vote on your favorite proposal and opinion leader. After your vote, you can return to the topics and select another topic to vote on.

Add proposals

You can add a proposal yourself. Make sure you have read all the existing proposals before adding a new proposal. This prevents duplicate or largely overlapping proposals.

You should add a proposal when you are convinced that your proposal will attract many voters. Express your proposal as clearly as possible in order to inform the maximum amount of voters. Everyone can publish a proposal. In particular, we also invite professionals with extensive knowledge on a specific topic to present their proposals.


Select a place or group -> Click on any topic  -> Read the proposals -> Vote on your favorite proposal.


Advice, visions, ideas...

With a 360°, you reply to a topic that is important to you with your advice, vision, arguments, recommendations, knowledge, experience and other information. You will not become an opinion leader and voters cannot vote for you. You can, however, recommend a proposal with your voting advice. 

Add your 360°

A topic can be viewed from many angles. What is your point of view? With a click on 'Add your 360°,' you reply with a 360° to express your advice, visions, ideas, and recommendations or add any supporting information to any topic. You can add depth to any discussion. In addition, you can add your voting advice, an image, a URL, a statement or a poll to give your 360° more impact.


Select a place or group -> Click on any topic  -> Read the 360°'s


OpinionFirst is all about voting! We encourage you to vote as much as possible! Select any topic, read the proposals for that topic and vote for your preferred proposal. Return to other topics and proposals to vote again.

As a registered voter you can vote in your home town, province, country or region. If you are not registered or are voting outside your own home town, province, country or region you can give your support vote. You can also vote on proposals of groups for which you are member and support proposals of groups for which you are not a member.

All of your votes are always anonymous.


Select a place or group -> Click on any topic  -> Read the proposals -> Vote on your favorite proposal.

Registered voter

As a registered voter your vote has a full impact. You can give your 'vote' to a proposal. All of your votes are anonymous. Your votes are visible only to you. Your votes are registered, so you can change your vote at any time. More about visitors or voters?

Registration is important since it gives you full access to all the OpinionFirst benefits.


Register yourself.


As a registered voter you can decide to become an ambassador to put your personal support behind a good proposal. Everyone can publicly see your support for this proposal and might follow your example. 

As an ambassador, you are able to persuade people who trust in your judgment to also vote for this proposal. It doesn't matter if you are famous or not, people can vote for proposals you voted for if they trust your judgment and support your position. Enthusiastic ambassadors are important for the success of a proposal.


Select your proposal of choice -> Click on 'Promote' -> Click on the 'Become ambassador' button.

Opinion leader

As a registered voter you can decide to become an opinion leader to represent a good proposal. You become visible with your proposal and registered voters can vote with full impact for your proposal. Visitors can give their support.

You should become an opinion leader when you believe your proposal will attract voters. With many votes, you can influence the realization of your proposal. A proposal can have more than one opinion leader. You will find their photos and names behind their proposals. Only for groups, an opinion leader can decide to stay anonymous.


Click on the 'Add your proposal' -> Become an opinion leader.


Ready to get started? Follow the exercises or read about how to start with OpinionFirst!

To read more about anything, simply click on any of the keywords at the bottom of the OpinionFirst webpage.