Promote your favorite topic, proposal, petition, opinion leader, vision, statement...

How to promote what is close to your heart? How to make sure that a proposal you support gets the attention it deserves? What to do when reading a good background article or a sharp column that you would like to share? How to promote the proposal, petition or article that you just posted? What to do to get more influence or traction? How to raise my voice?

Let us see what you can do and how easy it is to do. Below you will find several promotion tips on how you can involve and inform many more people:

①  Vote as a registered voter

Frequently give your vote on as many topics as possible. More votes mean more influence! First time ever that you can exactly indicate what you want! OpinionFirst is the platform that policy makers, politicians, managers, chairmen and others consult before making decisions. (Very easy)

②  Add your own proposal, vision (360°)... 

If you want to initiate a discussion, then start a topic. Do you have a good proposal yourself? Then share it on OpinionFirst!  You have information or your view to share? Then add a catching 360° or add an articled, column, letter... from someone else. Want to know if others agree or disagree with you? Simply place your statement. Aiming to test the view of citizens? Add your poll. Use the promotion tips on this page to invite your network and others to vote, read or respond. (Requires preparation)

③  Email your friends and family

And ask them to do the same. You could reach an audience of millions with only a minimal investment in terms of time and money. Email, in particular, is cheap, easy, yet highly effective. Do send your favorite proposal, petition, 360°... link to any friends or family that might be interested and ask them to send it on to their friends. 'Viral marketing' and is a very effective kind of marketing. (Easy)

④  With social media you quickly reach many people.

Are you active on social networks? If yes, then invite your social media networks to vote, read or respond. It is straightforward easy and you immediately reach many people! You can repeat and vary your invitation as often as you like for anything that is present on OpinionFirst. You can click on the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another social media symbol at the bottom of any proposal or 360°. In this way you can immediately inform your network or to motivate them to vote or to give their response. (Easy)

⑤  Invite friends and experts

Invite friends and experts to place their proposal or vision. You hear experts, politicians, policy makers, managers, chairmen and concerned members, employees and citizens give their views through the media (newspaper, radio, TV, internet...). If you appreciate their views, then with the 'Friend' or 'Expert' buttons invite them to place their proposal or vision on OpinionFirst. The more OpinionFirst is brought to the attention of these persons, the more valuable proposals and visions will be published! This will give you and other OpinionFirst visitors more opportunity to vote for preferred proposals. (Easy)

⑥  Start online communities

Prospective voters like to know what others have said or thought about proposals, petitions or views. Use discussion groups, blogs, links, and other online tools to create a community around your favorite proposal or petition. This could take place on any platform. Also OpinionFirst allows you to create a group of committed and interested people around a topic who can engage in intelligent dialogue, and educate each other about the issues at stake. Online communities are also a great way to keep something going, and even to transform it into a national movement, once it has been sent to others. Use OpinionFirst, Facebook, LinkedIn, discussion groups, links and other online tools to create a community around your topic or favorite proposal or petition. (Continuous updates to fuel the community)

⑦  Using publicity

There are lots of ways for people to find your favorite proposal, but publicity always helps. Advertising on Google and other search engines is one obvious step. You place your advertisement or get linked on websites, in relevant online discussion groups, blogs... and other environments.

If you don't have the money to advertise, you can also publicize your proposal or view by posting links to it on relevant online discussion groups and blogs. You can also try link-exchanges with sites that cover issues similar to those in your topic, proposal, view... (Set-up preparation)

⑧  Get media coverage

Successful topics get attention in the media. Often, the most successful petitions are those that receive attention on local radio, or even on small Internet news sites. Get in contact with journalists, radio and TV to start a discussion around a topic! Develop press releases, YouTube movies.... and you can be sure that your favorite proposal or 360° will get the attention it deserves. As example feel free to make use of the DemocracyFirst press releases and invitations if needed. (Preparation)

⑨  Involve others via offline efforts

You may overlook the offline world, but there are several things you can do at home, at the office, and at various other places to get more votes or response. For instance, posters on community bulletin boards (e.g., at the library), or even word-of-mouth marketing at the office, can help a lot. The important thing is for people to know what is close to your heart and what should change. (Easy)

⑩  Use widgets

Place interesting OpinionFirst widgets on your own website. Widgets allow you to integrate OpinionFirst information and functionality on your own website. It provides interesting information for visitors of your website. We have developed the first widgets so that you are able to place topics, proposals, polls and other information on your website. Check the widgets constructor page.  If you would like to receive more information about widgets, then e-mail us. (Easy for your web master)

⑪  Volunteers

Contact us! We depend on people actively involved in promoting democracy and democratic principles. We welcome volunteers that would like to commit themselves to realize the goals of DemocracyFirst. People that want to learn and let their heart speak for a better world. We would like to get in touch with people who can help us. Two heads are better than one, click here (A minute)

⑫  Feedback

Give us your feedback, we want to learn! We don't know it all, help us and let us know how we can be as successful as possible in our promotion! Every suggestion is welcome, click here. If you miss something or you have an idea, an enhancement request or anything else, then let us know and send us an email. (Important to us)

⑬  Press

We love being mentioned in the press and we will give journalists naturally our full cooperation. To make contact, just send us your email.

Are you a journalist? Then use OpinionFirst in your articles or other media (radio, TV, web...) to measure responses from your readers or to determine which proposals are supported by the citizens. Feel free to place your article or link on OpinionFirst.

DemocracyFirst Foundation

Are democracy, democratic principles and freedom of speech and choice valuable to you? With your promotion efforts you help us promote and demonstrate the benefits of modern direct democracy and democratic principles! We do not have money for expensive advertisement campaigns, so hope that you will actively join us in promoting modern democracy. Let's give peoples opinion a voice!

More promotion  =  More votes  =  More democracy and freedom!

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