OpinionFirst petition advantages

Why start your petition on OpinionFirst? OpinionFirst provides you with an absolutely unique platform to host your petition:

①  Quick start of your petition

With OpinionFirst you can create and publish a well-prepared petition in minutes. It's easy, quick and free. 

②  Potential signatories are invited

OpinionFirst voters and guests are informed and can immediately sign your petition. You instantly reach every day more people that are engaged and that will be offered the opportunity to sign your petition. It is not necessary to start from scratch with your own website, paperwork, database...

③  Your petition can be promoted by signatories

Every signatory can reach all their friends and social media networks (Facebook, Twitter...) with a simple push of a button! Wow, what a viral power. A good petition can quickly reach thousands of people.

And there is more:

 On OpinionFirst your petition is related to a topic

This constantly gives your petition attention. All views, proposals and comments around a topic are published on OpinionFirst. Search engines will direct people to that topic. You do not have to fight for attention with only your own campaign website.

 Your petition can be translated to every other language

We have quick translation tools available, so that people can read your petition in their own language. Sometimes it is important to translate a petition in order to be able to count on international support!

 Your petition has its own webpage on OpinionFirst

You can promote and link directly to your own petition campaign website page on the OpinionFirst platform. 

 Your petition can be promoted on every website

OpinionFirst widgets allow you to publish your petition on your own petition campaign website or any other website! Results, preferences and other information can be published with widgets as well.

 Your petition can be promoted on OpinionFirst ànd your own campaign website

Double the chance to have your petition signed!

  • Start your petition on OpinionFirst and
  • Then you start your own petition campaign website as well. We provide you with all the tools to power your website.

 OpinionFirst can boost your existing petition campaign

It is 'and' not 'or'. Why not try?

  • Have your own petition campaign website and
  • Want to start your petition on OpinionFirst as well. Mail us to talk about your options.

  We can take care of your entire petition campaign

Our DemocracyFirst Foundation develops attributes, structures and technologies that facilitate and stimulate democratic decision making processes. As such, we have developed an extensive knowledge and experience on how to make petitions and campaigns successful. Depending on your requirements, budget and objectives we can develop, implement and manage your entire petition campaign! Mail us and we will contact you to see how we can make your petition successful.

What makes an OpinionFirst petition unique?

OpinionFirst provides you with all the tools possible to stay in control with a democratic petition! What does that mean for your petition? Our approach:

①  You submit your petition as a proposal

Often petition initiators start their petition campaign to collect many signatures to stop a plan from happening or against something that is already happening. This makes sense but it does not give the petition initiators control. The outcome can often be disappointing. The situation remains unchanged or at best the original plan you started your petition against is slightly changed and then still is implemented. Frustration all around!


On OpinionFirst you always submit your petition as a proposal! Your petition is about an alternative proposal, plan or initiative. Your proposal can be anything you see as the best solution. Also doing nothing can be a proposal. Now people do not sign against something, but they vote in favor of the alternative solution that you propose. With their vote they support your petition ànd acknowledge your proposal. With OpinionFirst you stay in full control! 

②  Your petition is 100% democratic

You hear that petitions may not represent the public because they are solicited (What is the opinion of those that did not sign?). Or that petitions may not educate the people signing. Or that they may be used for misinformation or fear. Or that the required number of signatures was not reached. Or that... Many arguments of policymakers who do not respect that people should have a free voice and influence on matters that concern them.


On OpinionFirst your petition is always fully based on democratic principles. You are in full control to describe your favorite plan or situation. Your petition can be compared to other proposals for the same topic and can even be voted against. Everyone has full freedom to inform themselves and vote or sign for their preferred proposal. Policy makers have no longer any excuses if their plan is voted against or does not get a majority. With OpinionFirst you are completely sure what citizens, employees or members prefer.

③  Your petition can be supported

Imagine there is an issue in your neighborhood or in the place you are living that needs change. The authorities do not respond and a petition is started. You and a team of likely-minded start a petition campaign to collect signatures to change the situation. You hope that all your neighbors or citizens of the place you are living in are voting for your petition. 


You take the same steps offline ànd online. However, OpinionFirst offers something extra! Everyone outside of your neighborhood or place can respond as well by giving their 'support' vote to your petition. This is not a full signature or vote, but it gives your petition extra influence. Those 'outsiders' can also give your neighborhood or place their advice, views and recommendations to help solve the issue. You are not alone.

If you are not convinced by now that OpinionFirst is the best platform to get your petition signed, then tell us where we are going wrong!


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