OpinionFirst Participation request

Modern decision-makers recognize the power inherent in the people around them.

They lead their town, state, country, company, team, association or club by using the skills and talents of their inhabitants, employees or members. OpinionFirst participation requests help decision-makers and their communities to reach concrete decisions on the basis of open dialogue without endless debate and discussion.

OpinionFirst helps you come to decisions everyone accepts and supports.

A participation request allows everyone involved to respond and have their say. Thus you make the most use of every individual’s views, expertise and knowledge to contribute. OpinionFirst helps you to access these skills, allowing you to use the wisdom of everyone involved. Their contribution and preferences are used by you to make sound decisions easily and quickly which are embraced and supported by the population or organization at large.

Who can start a participation request?

Every registed voter can start a participation request for any neighborhood, place, province, state, country or group that was joined. We advise you to read the standards topics and the guidelines on how to write a participation request below. 

In particular we urge experts, policy makers and managers with extensive experience and knowledge in their field to involve their citizens, members and employees. 

Starting your participation request

OpinionFirst is a worldwide platform. Consequently, it is important to inform the right people about your participation request. Who should respond to your participation request? Which citizens, employees or members does it concern? OpinionFirst gives you a suggestion. Click on the neighborhood, place, province, state, country or group to make changes if needed.

Now that is clear who should be informed on your participation request, let's start it:

①  What is the topic? 

What is your participation request about? Select an existing OpinionFirst topic or start a new topic if that is not possible.

A topic consists of a very short neutral title, an appealing picture and a category. Think carefully, read the instructions and verify existing topics before you place a new unique topic. This helps to prevent duplicate topics and ensures better attention to your issue.

②  Start a participation request

Your participation request consists of 2 elements:

Explain what your topic is about

Explain in short and neutral words what your topic is about. Remember that people do not always know everything about the issue you raise.

What questions do you have?

Next you indicate what questions you would like to see answered. Citizens will give their views and proposals based on your topic, explanation and questions.

Placing your participation request on OpinionFirst offers you many advantages. Read below about the guidelines and standards on how to write a successful participation request. If you are satisfied, then confirm your topic. 

③  Promote your participation request

You immediately can start promoting your participation request with a click on the blue button.

Click here to start your participation request!

A participation request is an extended topic. There are many reasons and possibilities for starting a participation request. Take a look at how a parent, a policy maker or anyone else could use a participation request. 

The moment you post your participation request you can start monitoring the response. You can also verify to what extent proposals are supported by citizens and members. At any moment you can promote your participation request for the attention of even more citizens and members. Naturally, you also can add your own proposal or 360° in response to the participation request or topic that you just started yourself! 

Do you work for the government, local government or a foundation?

Do you struggle with how to efficiently include your community in decision-making? With your participation request you will attract many citizens to engage, respond and participate. You facilitate collaborative discussion and encourage participation and engagement in communities.

Are you a manager or board member of a club, company, association, team or other type of group?

You don't see involving your members or employees as a burden, but as an opportunity for improvement? Then starting a participation request is excellent to get everyone involved and to measure which proposals gain popularity.

Guidelines to write a successful participation request

Naturally you want people to take your issues seriously, so read below on how to start a successful participation request:

①  Write your request briefly, concisely and to the point

It's important to state your participation request concisely. Use short sentences to explain what your request is about and use open questions to guide and stimulate response.

②  Spell check, proofread and let others read.

If you want people to take your participation request seriously, then you need to spell-check and to put in the time to make sure your request is well formulated. It is a good idea to have others review your request before publishing it.

It is good to have more persons review your participation request before publishing. More ideas and thoughts could clarify your it before publishing it. Other eyes read differently.

③  Be neutral

Your topic and participation request should be strictly 100% neutral. ​The best requests sound reasonable, intelligent, and acknowledge all proposals and points of view. If visitors to your topic think your request is one-sided or that you have already made your mind up, they will be unlikely to respond or participate, even if they have great proposals or views.


Read more about topics and the standards for your participation request.