Why OpinionFirst?

What motivates us to invest so much time, money and energy in OpinionFirst?

Our drive is the conviction that a democratic society leads to freedom with more prosperity and happiness. We make every effort to promote democracy worldwide to improve the quality of the lives of millions of people. A democratic society ultimately means fewer wars, less famine, better functioning social services, and more prosperity.

Also closer to home we would like to support policymakers, politicians, managers, and chairmen with information on what you want and what your concerns are. Our ambition is to bridge the gap between what you really would like to see happen, and what politicians, managers, and chairmen think you would like to see happen. We bring you and policymakers closer to each other. Democracy at your fingertips.

Democracy not 'cool'?

Democracy might not immediately jump into your thoughts as the best way to create a better world. Democracy is not very 'cool' at this moment, because many people are disappointed about how democracy works. However, let us take a step back for a moment.

Every day we hear about people which unfortunately have to deal with dictatorship, war, terrorism and other forms of freedom restriction. In many countries, people fight hard for freedom and democracy, as democracy is by far the best guarantee for more and sustained prosperity. In this same way, we want to change the world into a world that listens more to the voice of the people. With the assistance of OpinionFirst, you can express yourself and encourage others to do the same. OpinionFirst is an initiative of the DemocracyFirst Foundation.

And what about companies, associations, clubs and other types of groups that are being 'owned' or 'governed' as if no employees, members or associates exist. Why not investigate what knowledge is available, what are our options, what are our preferences, our...

Do I have an opinion?

At a party you find yourself speaking with outrage over high executive bonuses or corruption in your country. You are appalled to see that people are dying from hunger or violence in the world. To a neighbor, you say that you are happy about the new intersection in your hometown and at your club, you tell everyone that they should remove troublemakers. In short, you have an opinion!

OpinionFirst gives you the opportunity to vote on proposals or to publish your own proposals for others to see. By advancing discussions here on the topics that matter to you, you can directly affect the quality of life for yourself and others. Democracy and democratic principles have already demonstrated the power of your voice for many years. Our success is measured in the number of votes. Your vote is our mission!

What could we achieve together?

We give our own life and the society in which we live form. People with a proposal stand up and are followed, we can change the world together. Your opinion is important and it can shape our destiny. Achievements should be monitored and the change process never stops. You too can express your opinion by voting for:

  • A better club, company, association...
  • Better products, better services...
  • A social world, a green world, a fair world, an inspiring world or your world, the way you see it

With OpinionFirst you can specify exactly what the world according to you should look like by voting on proposals or by publishing your own proposal. Your proposal along with others can realize a huge change. Policymakers, politicians, managers, and chairmen are sensible and grateful because you clearly give directions. Don't let your voice be lost, and participate in the full!

Your ambitions!

Let everyone know how your neighborhood, town, country, world or group should look like according to you! It's simple, just:


Vote in your hometown, province, district, country, group or anywhere else and use your power and influence on topics that concern you! It will improve the quality of your own life and the life of your children, family, and others! You can also motivate others to use OpinionFirst by clicking on 'Promote' and social media or 'Invite' icons.

Give your view or proposal!

Your view or proposal counts. The success of OpinionFirst depends on you and your participation. OpinionFirst strives to capture every proposal and every point of view on any topic, from all places in the world and any type of group. In this way, citizens and members are informed and they can make the right choices. We invite experts, politicians, policymakers, professors, writers, managers, chairmen, journalists, celebrities and concerned employees and citizens explicitly to express their proposals and visions. 

Be positive and constructive!

The ultimate starting point of everything is to have an open, positive and constructive attitude. With that attitude, you will be able to change our world!

Make full use of the possibilities that OpinionFirst provides. Everyone should start already today to vote against wars and famine. Wake up and vote today so that hunger and war will no longer exist in this world. There is enough food for everyone. We should be humanitarian.


Read more about how OpinionFirst works, its benefits or about how you could actively support more democratic change and decision-making. We would appreciate your support! In the left sidebar, you can read how you could support us.