Translate OpinionFirst!

Help to make sure that OpinionFirst will become fully available and accessible for your own country or region. If you are a good writer or translator, then we gladly invite you to translate OpinionFirst to your own language. Mail us!

OpinionFirst language settings

Your language is determined and set automatically based on the language you use for your browser. If you would like to change language you can do so at the top right of your screen.

The standard language setting is English. As soon as the OpinionFirst website has been translated into a new language, then this language will become available in the list of languages from which you can choose. If no translation is available then you will see the English language. 

Text types

OpinionFirst distincs the following text types:

  • Functional text like buttons, labels and messages.

  • Supporting text explaining the use and functionality of OpinionFirst.

  • Content text is written by opinion leaders and visitors and concern topics, proposals, comments and 360°'s. 


Functional and supporting texts are available in English for translators. Upon request we are able to provide a translator the authority to translate within his or her own translation environment.

Content texts can be translated into English when the author considers this to be important, for example to obtain support votes from people that speak English. Any content can be translated to any language. This could happen when for example the author wants to translate and promote a proposal in one or more other languages (for example a proposal for the World translated into other languages). The advantage of translating is of course that more people will be reached. 

Changing text

With system changes or text improvements the English 'Master' functional and support texts will be updated. Translators are automatically informed that this 'Master' text has changed which allows that the necessary translations can quickly be updated to local languages.