We search for volunteers

OpinionFirst is an initiative of the Foundation DemocracyFirst. DemocracryFirst makes every effort to promote democracy worldwide to improve the quality of the lives of millions of people. More democracy ultimately means fewer wars and famine.

Closer to home we would also like to support politicians and policy makers with information on what you want and what your concerns are. Our ambition is to bridge the gap between what you really would like to see happen and what politicians think you would like to see happen. We bring you closer to each other with democracy at your fingertips.

For organizations that endorse democratic principles we offer a platform which companies, clubs, associations or any other type of group can use for their decisions. 

Join the DemocracyFirst Foundation!

We would like to get in contact with professionals who want to make a difference for a better world. Our drive is to improve, to provide better services, to invest, to create, to control, to interact and to become the best democratic platform possible. For all aspects of DemocracyFirst and OpinionFirst we are hoping for your support.

How can you contribute?

Basically by informing us what your expertise is, what you intend to contribute and how you will use this for DemocracyFirst and OpinionFirst. Everyone may respond.

If you are just as enthusiastic as us in promoting the principles of the foundation DemocracyFirst, then we would like to get in contact with you. We are always searching for professionals and groups to enforce our team, in particular:

Leaders & Spokesmen

People that promote DemocracyFirst in the media and that are able to motivate, inspire and realize progress. Mail us!


Even with a good cause like DemocracyFirst, there will always be people who are unable to contribute in a constructive way or who are intent on spoiling good intentions. Moderators, therefore, have an extremely important task in protecting OpinionFirst. Mail us!


OpinionFirst is technically prepared to be translated to every possible language. By translating and maintaining the website in these languages, we can make OpinionFirst available for the countries where this language is spoken. 

We have made translation as easy as possible so that by clicking on a text somewhere on the website, you are immediately able to translate the text. You can view the English and local language in one window together so that the translation can be carried out and submitted. Mail us!

Marketing & PR specialists

Communication and promotion are crucial to highlight the ambitions and objectives of DemocracyFirst and thus fuel the success of OpinionFirst. If you are an author, online marketing/PR specialist or social media expert, please contact us and let us know how you would like to help. Mail us!


Optimal communication is crucial for the promotion of DemocracyFirst's objectives and the success of the OpinionFirst website. In order to further develop our communication, we would like to get in contact with professionals whose knowledge and experience can assist in the development of DemocracyFirst news bulletins, press releases, website texts for DemocracyFirst and OpinionFirst, writing a bestseller, translations, ...

If you would like to put your skills to work by helping us develop our communication and promotion in a quicker and more professional way then please contact us. Mail us!

Fund raisers & Project initiators

We are confident that this democratic initiative will have the support of many governments, institutes or organizations. Naturally we would like to get in contact with organizations and companies that have funds available to support this initiative.

In addition OpinionFirst could assist any organization with creating a democratic platform. OpinionFirst could be adapted or changed to accommodate any specific environment. Contact us to see if OpinionFirst could answer your needs. Mail us!

Programmers & Developers

Everyone can place their bug reporting or enhancement requests and we have many new development ideas ourselves. OpinionFirst is programmed in Zend PHP with many additional applications, like JavaScript, HTML, SQL, OOP, SOAP, XML, .... We would be glad to get in contact with talented people who are able to enhance OpinionFirst! We can assure you that you will learn a lot too. Mail us!

Your proposal

There are many different ways to contribute to democratic principles everywhwere. If you have a good idea, then let us hear from you. Give us your feedback!


You can also decide to promote us or to support us!