OpinionFirst is your starting point for making decisions together

Everywhere decisions are being taken every day; at the sports club, in a company, at school, your neighborhood, hometown, province, country, continent and even for the world. Such a decision can also for you be of great importance and could have considerable influence and impact on your daily life. Unfortunately, you and others involved do not always have influence on decisions that impact them. Change that! Use OpinionFirst when you:

①  Want to support a good proposal

You directly participate in decisions on important issues by voting and or responding on what you want to see happen. With OpinionFirst, you can always directly exercise your vote and influence decisions that concern you.

②  Have a good proposal

Have a good proposal, plan, petition, solution or initiative to propose directly to your city, country, association, club or business? Then OpinionFirst is your starting point. With OpinionFirst you easily find immediately allies for your proposal. Plus, you can instantly promote your proposal through social media networks to get even more support.

③  You disagree with a proposal

You disagree with a proposal, plan, petition, solution or initiative for your city, country, association, club or business and would like to support an alternative proposal. With OpinionFirst you evaluate what other proposals are available or you add yourself a proposal.

④  Want to share your knowledge and experience

Anyone can give his or her vision, ideas, and recommendations on any topic or proposal (360°'s). With OpinionFirst every topic is presented from all different angles. This allows you to determine on the basis of all these angles for which proposal you will vote.

⑤  Dislike indecisiveness

You have enough of endless discussions on social media, forums, in meetings and the media. You want that conclusions are taken and choices are made. With OpinionFirst decisions can be taken quickly, because the results of any election are instantly displayed.

⑥  Want to be heard

You believe that everyone can have good ideas. You are in favor of freedom of speech, freedom of choice in a modern democratic society, association, club or business. You want a clear list of all the proposals and have the possibility to read about the arguments and recommendations of other people to be able to choose for the best option. With OpinionFirst you are heard because you can always immediately say what you want to happen. You decide yourself on key issues by giving your vote.

So when you have an opinion on anything, you always use OpinionFirst! With OpinionFirst you can always immediately vote, respond and read about topics that concern you!

OpinionFirst is the central platform for modern democracy and wants to involve all people with decisions that concern them. 

How does OpinionFirst work?

OpinionFirst is the central platform for modern direct democracy for every place in the world (Places). The platform is also available for making democratic decisions in a club, company, association or any other kind of organization or group (Groups). 

So, OpinionFirst can always be your starting point everywhere. The principles are easy:

①  Vote

You can quickly and easily vote on every important topic in your neighborhood, hometown, province, country, continent and even for the world. You do not vote with a specific party, but you freely vote on precisely those topics that concern you the most! You can also vote for proposals in clubs, companies, associations or other groups for which you are a member. Only if you vote or respond on issues that concern you, you will have influence. 

It only takes a few minutes of your time to make a choice about any topic. And with your choice, you can influence any proposal or decision that is important to you. That is having a direct influence on decisions!

As a registered voter you increase the impact of your votes and immediately increase your influence, just as in any democracy or democratic environment. Your registration makes it possible to always change or remove your vote later. All your votes are anonymous.

Everyone can vote on OpinionFirst. Citizens or group members indicate together what is important and by their choices, they will help their favorite proposals and opinion leaders win most votes. If you do not vote, then the topic might not be important for you and other people will determine which proposal is accepted.

②  Respond

Your opinion counts! OpinionFirst strives to capture every proposal and every point of view on any topic, from all places in the world and for all groups. In this way, citizens and group members are informed and they can make the right choices. 

We invite experts, politicians, policymakers, professors, writers, journalists, managers, employees, members, celebrities, concerned citizens and everyone else explicitly to express their proposals or visions. You can respond on every topic with a:


With a proposal, you add your plan, idea, petition, solution, motion or initiative. When you add a proposal, you automatically become an opinion leader for your proposal. Everyone can vote for you and your proposal. The better you promote your proposal, the more votes you obtain and the greater your influence will become. Your electorate makes your proposal win.


With your 360°, you respond with your advice, vision, ideas, arguments, recommendations and other information. You will not be an opinion leader and voters will not be able to vote for you, but with your voting advice, you can promote your favorite proposal.


A poll quickly makes the views of citizens or members of a group visible. Ask a question and provide several possible answers to find out how others are thinking.


A statement makes it visible if citizens or members of a group agree or disagree with you. Place a statement to find out if others agree with you.

③  Learn

With more persons voting and responding on a topic, more information will come available on that topic. Information that is not monopolized by one or a few selected sources, but information directly available from everyone. 

The information and options are presented in a clear and structured way, which helps you quickly understand many aspects of a topic. OpinionFirst supports you with additional information for every topic, which is available under:


Gives an overview of the proposals on which you can vote.


Provide insight into the views of experts and concerned citizens. Alongside their favorite recommendation for a proposal you can also consult any added polls and statements.

Opinion leaders

You see the opinion leaders for that topic.


You see how people have voted and other details about the voting results.


You see where people have voted.

Click here to read more details on these options.

Are you democratic?

If so, then we invite you! OpinionFirst represents you, your own party, your environment, your groups, your preferences, your choices. Start voting today in the United States and in other places or in groups and never stop anymore! 

  • Select any topic from the list of topics.
  • Vote for your preferred proposal and opinion leader.
  • Select another topic and vote again until you have voted for all topics of interest.

Is your topic not available? Then start a new topic and initiate a discussion!


In the guide and user profiles, you can read more detailed information on how OpinionFirst works and the user examples give you ideas on who can use this platform.