OpinionFirst quick exercises

Underneath you will find fifteen exercises to quickly understand the basic functionality and principles of OpinionFirst. The exercises take 30-60 minutes of your time and will answer 90% of your questions. Click here to read what OpinionFirst is about or here for the online guide.  


During regular elections you vote on a party to indicate what you want to see happen. You vote every so many years. With OpinionFirst you vote on topics, not on parties. You vote when you want, so you can always exactly indicate which proposal, plan or solution has your preference. The more people vote, the more influence this proposal will generate. You are your party; you are in power if you effectively promote your favorite proposal.

A)  Start OpinionFirst on your desktop or laptop.

For visitors OpinionFirst starts with the entry page where you can register yourself. For experienced registered voters or on mobile devices OpinionFirst starts with a timeline overview of what happens in time, just like other social media platforms. Let's see how we vote:

Quick exercises

  1. As a visitor click on 'Vote on proposals' on the entry page. You will see 3 topics with proposals that are frequently voted on. Choose a topic by clicking on the 'Vote on this topic' button. You can read the proposal(s) and return to the topics with "< topics" in the upper left corner. Experiment a little with 'Find' topics and the other available options; proposals, 360's, polls... 

  2. Now let's give your first vote. For every proposal you can choose either 'Vote for my proposal' or 'I disagree'. As a visitor you are not logged in, so the first time you vote you will see a popup. Choose to register or log in ('Vote for your favorite proposal') and then cast your vote. Congratulations you made your first modern vote on a topic! Repeat this by voting on other proposals. In the popup you make a decision to vote for proposals with maximum influence or to support proposals with less influence. You can always support every proposal as a visitor (not logged in). You can vote in your hometown, province, country or groups you joined (logged in); Just as in a democracy.  

  3. Nice and easy so far? Now, let us take it one step further. Click on the blue arrow ">" at the top-right of the topic. It opens a popup with everything that has been posted about that specific topic. Use the big handles to go left (<) or right (>). Read and vote on what and where you want. Close again with the blue cross in the top right corner. You can support or vote on proposals, polls and statements. You can read 360°'s (articles, background information, views, columns, letters, pamphlets...) or comments to shape your opinion. 

You can always click on the upper-left logo to return to the entry page.

B)  Repeat similar exercises 1-3 on your iPad and/or mobile phone.

In this case OpinionFirst starts with a timeline overview of what happens in time. Everything is functioning similar as on your desktop or laptop. Scroll through, read items and click on any red text on the OF Live timeline. It opens your popup again and you can read the content. Close again with the blue cross at the top right corner. You are back in OF Live where you left. You can repeat this.

C)  Experiment with voting on proposals under the 'Places' and 'Groups' - It is similar.

With these 3 short exercises, you understand OpinionFirst. You indicate what YOU want to see happen by voting.

The next chapters provide you with some additional exercises.

Having something to 'say'

Some people have plans, ideas, proposals, views, advice, suggestions, comments, statements... Anyone can publish their vision or proposal on OpinionFirst. In particular we urge professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in their field to present to respond. They inform other people on important issues in order to convince, get their support or to simply provide information. OpinionFirst is organized around these topics in 'Places' (hometown, country) and 'Groups' (any group). 

D)  Start OpinionFirst on your desktop or laptop.

You are logged in. Let's see how we say something:

Quick exercises

  1. Click on the button 'Places' at the top left. If not selected, select 'Netherlands' at the top left and 'Topics' in the left sidebar. Scroll through the topics from the list. Your topic not in the list? Click on 'Start a new topic' and add your topic. You can repeat this for your hometown. Don't worry! Only by clicking 'Confirm' you publish your topic or proposal, so feel free to test up till that moment.  

  2. Select any topic from the topic list by clicking on the red text or green button. You see the proposal(s) for that topic. Click on 'Add your proposal' to add your proposal for that topic. When finished, click on 'Topics' in the left sidebar to return to the topic list.  

  3. Select any topic from the topic list by clicking on the red text. You see the proposal(s) for that topic. Click on the 360°'s tab and 'Add your 360°' to add your 360° for that topic. You can add a picture, url, poll or statement. When finished, then experiment a little with the other tabs. Click on 'Topics' in the left sidebar to return to the topic list. With a proposal you add your plan, idea, petition, solution, motion or initiative for taking decisions. With a 360° you give your advice, vision, arguments, recommendations, knowledge, experience, pamphlet and other information (info) and could recommend a proposal.   

  4. Select Topics, Proposals, Opinion leaders... from the left sidebar. You immediately have an overview. Also on these overviews you can add your proposal, poll, statement..... Try it out and experiment a little.  

  5. Click on the button 'OF Live' at the top left. Click on any red text in the timeline and use the handles. You will quickly have a popup where you can add your proposal, 360°, statement or poll. You can follow the same 'add' procedure as before.  

  6. Underneath every proposal, 360°, poll.... you have the option to 'Comment'. Test it yourself and give some comment somewhere.

E)  You could repeat these exercises on your iPad or mobile phone but you probably already got it!


The architecture of OpinionFirst does encourage only serious people to 'say' something. Although it is not possible to prevent misuse, we aim to focus on quality. We hope that people with a vision appreciate this and will respond. OpinionFirst Facebook, OpinionFirst Twitter... are available for responses on these platforms.

With these quick exercises you have seen many of the opportunities to actually say something (other than by voting). Many prefer to only vote or comment which is perfect already.


If you have a good view or proposal yourself or somebody else has one, then this view or proposal should be promoted big time. It should become reality.

F)  Start OpinionFirst on your desktop or laptop.

Let's see how we promote something:

Quick exercises

  1. Click on any red text on the OF Live timeline. It opens a popup and you can read the content. Click on 'Promote' at the bottom of the popup and try out the options. You can promote everything on OpinionFirst in this way, even ambassadors and opinion leaders.  

  2. Immediately after you gave your vote on a proposal, you also have the option to immediately promote this proposal. Try it out yourself, it is so easy.

  3. Know off or hear a good speaker with a proposal in the media? Click on 'Invite an expert' in the left sidebar and invite this person by email. Similar for 'Invite a friend'.  

  4. Experiment with the 'Promotion Tips' (info).  

  5. OpinionFirst can be used as your engine by using widgets. You can check them out. This is only suitable for people having access to their webpage design.  

  6. You can create links on social media (Facebook...), media (articles, columns...) and on your own profiles, websites.... to OpinionFirst. We have many options under 'Promote -> Embed', but you could use a simple Hyperlink as well.  

  7. Create a group and start a topic to initiate a discussion or to generate ideas. Prepare your meeting, campaign, decisions to take... Once you started your topic, you can choose anything; Just place a quick poll with some alternatives to choose from, place a statement to see how others respond, add your proposal to...

These quick promotion exercises are not complete. There are numerous creative ways to promote OpinionFirst itself, as well as the proposals, 360°'s, persons... on OpinionFirst.  We would welcome it if you could share your ideas and thoughts ([email protected])

We are convinced that with these 15 quick exercises, you know how OpinionFirst works. You will discover the depth of OpinionFirst while using it.


We have several things you could check out to further understand the basic functionality and principles of OpinionFirst:  

About OpinionFirst

  • Select keywords at the bottom of the webpage to learn more about OpinionFirst
  • Use 'About OpinionFirst', 'Get involved' and 'Service' at the top right of webpage.
  • Click on 'Get involved' items in left sidebar! Join.

About the DemocracyFirst Foundation

  • Read about the DemocracyFirst Foundation (info)

About helping OpinionFirst to succeed

  • Become Promoter, earn money. Be successful, earn a lot (ask: [email protected])
  • Become Translator, make OpinionFirst available for your country (info)
  • Read more about joining (info)
  • Ask what you need, we will try to provide it ([email protected])

Challenge yourself, burn on

  • What do you consider to be important?  Add your proposal.
  • Have anything to say? Share your 360°.
  • Start a discussion in your hometown. Create a topic.
  • Think about what modern decision making can do for your club, company...
  • Change the/your world. Any ambition?
  • Get rid of some 'rusted' political issues. Some fresh wind!
  • Start a DF party in your hometown. A home-run.
  • Create a YouTube, presentation, film, advertorial, promo... about the benefits of OpinionFirst. Would be great!
  • Think about making money as consultant or councilor with this platform.
  • Involve others, better than yourself. Everyone is good at something, use your talents!
  • ....  

Be creative, start a campaign, do something, reach out to others, anything you think of is a contribution,


Help reach 1.000.000 votes in 2016. That's the target...!