OpinionFirst gives you influence!

You regularly hear people complaining about politics, society, the environment or the company or organization for which they are working. Our suggestion is to do something about it and stop complaining! By complaining amongst yourselves, situations remain unresolved, your proposal will not be heard and other people will decide for you. You are unfortunately used to this.

When you vote regularly on OpinionFirst you help leaders, like policymakers, politicians, managers, and chairmen understand what you actually want to see happen. It does not leave you passive but instead, you are involved and you have influence! OpinionFirst gives your vote influence!

OpinionFirst is different!

You are frequently being asked to give your opinion in polls, interviews or statements for news items in newspapers, radio or TV and for all kinds of surveys. The opinions you express are quickly forgotten and are of little benefit to you. OpinionFirst is different because you can influence the topics that directly impact you and OpinionFirst gives you the power to propose your own views.

OpinionFirst gives you the possibility to register your votes. You indicate to your leaders what you feel about topics important to you. Changing your vote and choosing for another proposal is of course always possible!

So with OpinionFirst you actually can help improve the quality of your own life, that of your family, others and your environment! We invite you to fully use your power and influence and to vote now on topics that concern you! History has proven it; your vote makes a difference.

OpinionFirst offers possibilities

You have several options to use OpinionFirst:

①  Become a registered Voter

The easiest and quickest way to influence the quality of your life and that of others is to register yourself and always vote! Your opinion is important. With one click you select your topic and with a second click, you choose your preferences! You have voted, it is that easy! That is all it takes! Read more

②  Become an Ambassador

Immediately after your vote, you can decide to become an ambassador! Normally your votes are not visible for others. As an ambassador you put a face and name behind your vote by publicly supporting a proposal! This way you can freely and actively promote the proposal via social media and invite other people to follow your example!

③  Become an Opinion leader

If your topic or your proposal on an existing topic is not yet available on OpinionFirst, then you should become an opinion leader! You can become an opinion leader when you are convinced that your ideas are of importance and when you are prepared to invest time and energy to actively attract many voters. Always aim to realize your objectives with an active, positive and constructive attitude.

④  Become a Moderator

Help us to protect and safeguard the quality of the contributions on OpinionFirst and become a moderator. A moderator has the control to ensure that the contributions on OpinionFirst are constructive and fit within the objectives of OpinionFirst and the local law. As a moderator, you ensure that OpinionFirst will remain a pleasant and constructive environment.

⑤  Join or Support Us

The more people that are supporting our initiatives, the faster we are able to develop new initiatives. Support us with your donation, support democracy or join us actively with your expertise.


Read more about OpinionFirst or about how does OpinionFirst works

Promote modern democracy. More votes mean more influence. With OpinionFirst it takes you only a couple of minutes to positively influence the quality of your life and that of others! With every vote that you give, again!