DemocracyFirst foundation

DemocracyFirst is a Foundation which was created in May 2008 to develop attributes, structures, and technologies to support and stimulate a democratic decision-making process. The Foundation realizes this goal through its public website, meetings, and seminars, and other methods.

The ultimate objective of the DemocracyFirst Foundation is to:

Involve all people, everywhere in the world, rich or poor, highly educated or otherwise, with decisions that concern them.

Everywhere decisions are being taken every day; at the sports club, in a company, at school, in local politics, or in regional or country politics. Such decisions could be of great importance and could have a considerable influence and impact on people's daily life. Unfortunately, not many people have an influence on the decision-making process.

Facilitate the democratic decision-making process in every community or any group.

One of the means that DemocracyFirst uses to reach this objective is the website OpinionFirst. OpinionFirst provides a central democratic platform that connects people and provides clarity and cohesion in proposals. With this website, anyone can launch a proposal or plan and find a maximum number of people to support this proposal or plan. If he or she can find maximum support, then this can be an extremely strong argument in realizing a plan.

Provide power to good ideas and plans.

We are convinced that a democratic decision-making process, on whatever level, is an important factor for any society, company, club or association in which every individual has value. We hope that this modern approach to a centuries-old principle will inspire people to take the initiative for a better society themselves.


Read more on the DemocracyFirst website.