With a 360°, you inform and educate your readers on the topic. It helps readers form their opinion on a topic. 

A constructive contribution can influence your readers' decision to vote on a particular proposal or to support a certain idea or statement.

  • your vision, advice, opinion, specific experience, knowledge.
  • information, arguments, recommendations, facts, backgrounds.
  • copy of an existing column, open letter, article, ... with reference links to web pages, podcasts, YouTubes, or TV/radio broadcasts.

Who can post a 360°?

Every registered voter can add a 360° for every topic everywhere. A 360° is always related to a topic. If your topic is not already available, then first start a new topic and then add your 360°. 

On the radio, you hear statements and slogans from politicians or managers, in a magazine you read articles and columns from journalists, on a website you discover blogs from scientists or in a newspaper you see polls or sensational pictures. Everywhere around us we hear arguments that support and promote certain proposals, views, ideas, or propositions.

We invite you to share your 360° contributions on OpinionFirst so that many others will be informed on the topic! A topic can be viewed from many angles. With a 360°, you can add depth to any discussion. By using the extra available options you can enhance your 360°. Don't hesitate to try it out, it is easy!

Posting your 360°

OpinionFirst is a worldwide platform. Consequently, it is important to inform the right people about your 360°. Who should read your 360°? Which citizens, employees or members does it concern? OpinionFirst gives you a 'place' or 'group' suggestion, which you can change if needed.

Now that is clear who specifically should read your 360°, let's create it:

①  What is your topic? 

What is your 360° about? Select an existing OpinionFirst topic or start a new topic if that is not possible.

②  Post a 360°

Express your 360° in a clear, complete, and concise way in order to attract the maximum number of readers. 

Your title

We recommend a catchy, not too long title.

Your 360°

Inform and educate your readers. You share your view, experience, knowledge, information, arguments, facts, recommendations, article, letter...

Your extra options

 Post your 360° now or decide to add any of the options:

  • Voting advice - You give advice to your readers on what proposal they should vote. 
  • Poll - You can add a poll to any 360°. Place each possible answer on a separate line.
  • Statement - You can add a statement to any 360°. Everyone can give their approval or disapproval.
  • Image - With an illustrative picture or photo you can add even more power to your 360°.
  • Link or reference - Link to websites or articles, a reference to the text used from other publications.

Standards for 360°'s

Our moderators maintain the quality of OpinionFirst. They are warned if something isn't decent and or does not comply with the 'Rights and Responsibilities' or our standards. They may decide to remove any contribution if it's:

  • not aimed at providing a constructive contribution
  • previously stated, so check if your contribution already exists for that place, group, or topic
  • not appropriate or not complying with the law
  • not clear what your contribution is about
  • about personal issues
  • party political
  • confidential, libelous, false, racist, offensive or defamatory
  • contains language that may offend, or is provocative or extreme in its views deceptive or misleading
  • advertising or spam
  • nonsensical, not serious
  • breaking the local law or violates intellectual property rights
  • potentially confidential, commercially sensitive or might cause someone distress or financial loss
  • naming people (except for senior politicians or management)
  • not using your real name and picture
  • not concerning, or focused on the topic and your own contribution, but is responding to other contributions

You can help us meet OpinionFirst's standards by immediately reporting any abuse under 'About' which can always be found with every contribution.


Editing a 360°

A 360° can be edited.

Removing a 360°

A 360° can be removed.

Rating a 360°

Your rating is whether a 360° is informative, not if you like or agree with it. When rating you immediately see the overall results.

Inappropriate 360°

Registered voters can warn our moderators if a 360° is inappropriate or does not comply with the 'Rights and Responsibilities'.

Linking a 360°

With 'Your voting advice' you link your 360° automatically to a proposal.

Promoting a 360°

Read about all the possibilities you have to promote your 360°!